“Planting big ideas in little minds”

Welcome to the Tara Binns Amazing Things blog – bringing you news on the publication of the Tara Binns picture books for children aged 2-6.

On struggling to find strong, practical and inspirational female characters in picture books today, the author Lisa Rajan set about creating a charming and clever little girl, Tara Binns, who has brave and exciting adventures in roles that push against some of the gender stereotyping commonly found in children’s literature today. Stepping away from the more common princess or fairy stories for little girls, Lisa Rajan has created a resourceful and creative little girl who starts each book wearing her well-worn slightly tatty princess costume, but soon finds herself smartly dressed as a pilot, engineer, doctor, firefighter or astronaut… and transported into an exciting adventure to go with it.

Written in light and charming verse, the books aim to illustrate the fun, adventure and satisfaction Tara Binns gets from trying something new and to keep young minds open to all the exciting opportunities that are out there for them as they grow up. As Lisa says, “Tara is my way of trying to plant big ideas in little minds, by showing the fun you can have solving puzzles, inventing things and helping other people.”

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